Adding a Product

Managing orders are explained [HERE]


Products Tab
Title (auto generates a ‘permalink’ url underneath that can be changed to improve search)
Product data – ‘variable product’

Shipping – ‘flat rate’

Attributes – size>[Add] – [select all] and -select ‘used for variations’

Save attributes

Variations – add variation > ‘create variations from all attributes’ – expand each and add price to each (there’s at least 5 for all the sizes)

Save variations

– If there is a color attribute, add it on this step 

    • Attributes > ‘Custom product attribute’ > Add > Name=’Color’
      • and they are divided like: ‘Mint Green | Coral Red’
      • select ‘used for variations’
    • save attributes

Product short description is the actual description area.

Product Image is the display and Product Gallery are the images that show under the product image.

Product Tags are vital and can be separated with a comma: ‘Carolina Local, SC Tee, Palmetto Shirt,’

-The system should recommend tags that have already been used and they can be clicked.

Product Categories allow you to later break your store down into sections if you’d like.

It also REALLY improves search so it’s good to find some relevant categories. Or even ‘+ Add new category’.

The top right of the page has the [Publish] button or [Save as Draft] that will turn into an [Update] button when it goes live.

More Information on adding a product can be found [HERE]

Tag Suggestions (linked to Instagram)